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    Types of Strains



    Generally the sativa plant is the taller and lankier variety. It is characterized by narrow serrated leaves and loose spear like flower clusters that can be extremely resinous. Primarily the effects of sativas are on the mind and emotions. In this regard they tend to be more stimulating, uplifting, energizing

    and enhance creativity. These benefits can be particularly helpful for the psychological component of many illnesses. Sativas are generally good for daytime use and appetite stimulation, but they can increase stress/anxiety in some users.

    Some benefits of sativas:

    • reduces depression
    • relieves headaches and migraines
    • energizing, uplifting
    • may reduce awareness of pain
    • reduces nausea
    • stimulates appetite
    • immunological support
    • expectorant


    lndica plants are normally shorter and stockier plants, with wide deeply serrated leaves and a compact and dense flower cluster. The effects of indicas are predominantly physical although they cab also be used to reduce stress ans anxiety. These effects can be characterized as relaxing, sedating, and pain reducing. lndicas are generally good for later in the day and before bed.

    Some benefits of indicas:

    • reduces pain
    • relaxes brain centres and muscle
    • reduces inflammation
    • aids sleep
    • sedative/reduces anxiety
    • reduces nausea
    • stimulates appetite
    • relieves headaches and migraines
    • reduces intra-ocular pressure
    • anti-convulsant
    • reduces seizure frequency
    • expectorant


    Hybrid strains are the result of cross-pollination of various strains. Usually one strain will be dominant. Effects tend to reflect the dominant strain. For example, Indica dominant crosses are good for pain relief, with the Sativa component helping to remain active. Sativa dominant crosses are good for stimulating appetite, with the Indica component helping to reduce body pain and increase relaxation.

    Selecting the Best Strain & Dosage for You

    The medicinal efficacy of cannabis is directly related to strain selection, therefore we recommend care be taken in selecting appropriate strains to meet your needs. Through experience we are starting to identify particular varieties that are effective for sleep, pain, appetite and energy and for specific illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis. Potency also varies. You will need to smoke less high-potency cannabis to reach the desired effect. In terms of dosage, the idea is to smoke as little as possible. This helps reduce cost and prevents the build up of a tolerance. If you do find yourself needing to smoke more in order to achieve the desired effect, reducing or stopping intake for a time, or changing variety, may reduce your effective dosage level.